Donald J. Hodgins
email: donnie@hodginsasphalt.com

Donnie has over 36 years experience in the asphalt paving business. He started out working for his father when he was just 13 years old. It didn't take him long to learn the trade. He continued to work for his father until 1996 when he bought the company from his father. From that point on, he has strived to build the business into what it is today. He works very hard and takes great pride in each and every job. When it comes to Donnie, we like to say Owner/Operator-Always On The Job".

Donald B. Hodgins

Don has over 50 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is the father to Donnie. He is the foreman and operator of the grade crew. Don is our expert when it comes to drainage issues, if you have a drainage problem, Don is your man. He can turn your muddy mess into a beautiful looking driveway. He also specializes in installing septic systems, operating heavy equipment and has plenty of expertise in excavation. He is also state certified in storm water management.

Sandy Hodgins
Vice President

Sandy has over 44 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is the mother to Donnie. Sandy manages the offices. Her duties include but are not limited to: financials, accounting, payroll, personnel records, State and County permits, advertising and inventory. The sign on her wall states: Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what's going on?

Tonya Hodgins
Office Secretary/Receptionist/Customer Relations
email : tonya@hodginsasphalt.com

Tonya has over 31 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is the sister to Donnie. Tonya handles the day to day operations in the office and is in charge of customer relations. Her duties include but are not limited to: scheduling estimates, job schedules, ordering supplies and materials, parts running, filing County and State permits, general filing, keeping track of employees hours and the website. Once in a while she gets called out of the office to go on the jobsite and help out. Tonya is known for keeping the humor going around the shop.

John Ryland

John was the grandfather to Donnie. John passed away at the age of 88 with over 65 years of experience in the asphalt paving business. When it came to the trade, retirement was not an easy option for him. John put his heart and soul into his work. Although he had finally put down his pencil we all still turned to him for his expert advice, and he was more than happy to give it. It hasn't been the same without his witty expertise but he is still with us every day.

Tom Ryland
Salesman/Operator/Paving Specialist

Tom has over 45 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is an uncle to Donnie. Tom is our main salesman, but when he isn't out bidding jobs, he is on the job site working hard with the rest of the crew. Tom has plenty of expertise in asphalt raking.

Tony Ryland

Tony has over 19 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is a cousin to Donnie. Tony is the roller operator and occasionally operates the paver. He is in charge of the daily maintenance and transportation of the paver.

Eddie Herline
Operator/Grade Crew

Eddie has over 15 years experience in the asphalt paving business and is a brother-in-law to Donnie.  He has experience in grade work and drainage structures.

John Zettel
Truck Driver

John has over 29 years experience in the asphalt paving business and 30 years experience driving truck and operating equipment.

Mark Howland
Laborer/Roller Operator

Mark has over 5 years of experience in asphalt paving. He labors and operates the roller.

Brian Wangler
Truck Driver

Brian joined us in 2014 and he has several years of truck driving experience.

Ed Brown
Co-owner of our sister company, West Branch Asphalt Maintenance

Donnie and Ed started a sister company to Hodgins Asphalt Paving in the Spring of 2014. Ed is in charge of running that company.

Thomas Green (Auggie)

Auggie joined our crew in 2015. He is a great asset to our company.

Jason Wangler
Truck Driver

Jason has over 17 years in asphalt paving and 23 years of truck driving experience.

Zach Rhine

Zach joined our team in 2016

Justin Ackerman (AKA Slim)
Truck Driver

Slim joined our team in 2015



Baxter puts in as many hours as everyone else. He greets the salesmen and delivery men. (he especially likes the food delivery guys and gals)

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